Saturday, August 23, 2014

Class Is In Session / Teaching Them A Lesson PT.3

Do the knowledge; class is in session !! reality is teaching us a lesson!!

The mothership gets good mileage!! we keep it moving!! the elders told us you don't stop and you don't quit it!! even when the system is stressing!!

You heard the cliche; knowledge is power; I didn't forget it; the Sonic Blackjack is swinging as these funk seminars are conducted..

Similar to SpaceX test rockets launched without the detonation even though my peeps are in detrimental situations!! this world has them corrupted!!

The sport is complex but I won't quit and I won't forfeit; I'm all up on it!! I'm recognizing evil is the opponent!!

I admit on some issues I was standing down as evil forces combine; plus unknowing participants stay paid when they condone it

What's the deal with it? it's a major component in corporate profit making, plots and schemes...

Divide and conquer?  like the growth of ISIS  once supported in Syria by the US and UK; money is made off weapons supplied to both teams...

Divide and conquer like DHS agent / provocateurs in Ferguson!! how's that working son? both teams had dreams of caking it up like Jesse Jackson in Ferguson asking for money!! but it's just crumbs on the table;

Thoughts of taking it up to another level are had by one who believes the fable!! a world that's unstable; overseas it's Sunni vs. Shiite; or  Hamas vs. Israelites; innocent bystanders die!! others are ready to ride for their doctrine!!

Cheap products imported by Wal-Mart; jobs and so called democracy exported; that's no lie!! damn!! now O-Dog had to pull out the drum!!  he'll rock them!!

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