Monday, August 18, 2014

Sick With It / Hazardous Material

Yellow crime scene / construction  tape surrounds the structure;  so what's really going on?

 Mine are seen victimized by the corruption;  they can't escape!! there's no where to run or hide in this danger zone!

What was the stranger on? just a tool for the system!! like DHS undercovers in Ferguson?  an agent / provocateur stirring up trouble. 

What's that smell? whatcha working with son?  the situation stinks!!  oxygen or gas masks are needed!!  word from the brotha! 

Who'll run and tell that? another side of the story  per Michael Brown police bum rushes?  snitches and whistle blowers are on some other other. 

Who's gonna sell that? Dollar General or Family Dollar? thrills are cheap!! word from a brotha!!

The establishment threw a dollar at me but I smell a rat like the dead one in some of the apartments I lived in down here in Atlanta. 

Who fell for that?  I heard what was said!!  the words were poison or venomous;  understand a bruh?

We hit you up with another one!! now authorities say Haz-Mat suits are needed. 

Meanwhile gamblers were out for a fast buck;  capers are pulled!! then they dipped in a fast truck!! now they're somewhere weeded. 

Check the style;  hands are stuck out!!  it's not the Rolling Stones but beggars banquets are given per chefs in Hell's Kitchen. 

Materials are considered hazardous!! please!!  they're sick like Ebola;  so how are you living?


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