Friday, August 22, 2014

Grey Area Scenarios PT.4

Concepts are revisited like family reunions for the upcoming Labor Day Weekend.

Check these Grey Area Scenarios;  for some ? things are all good!!  for others the outlook is a bleak one.

During the ongoing streak one wins or loses or it can be a tie like soccer.

…Or like hockey;  meanwhile the system will jock me  and my kind; like Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri  they want to see me in a hurt locker.

Grey area scenarios are going down! vague like Ferguson police reports concerning the shooting!! the truth some are disputing!! but some may have heard O-Dizzle is the chief rocker.

The O-Dog Podcast will confirm that!! that’s what we’re working with in this sport!! some will get what’s coming to them like Israeli ships at the Port of Oakland!!  last year a bruh was chilling out in Oakland!! O-Zone is a rocker!!

Like British Jihadists beheading James Foley  fantasy and reality combine to make the unkind; some have lost their mind!!  O-Zone will confront a hustle knocker.
Grey Area Scenarios PT.4 | Whats Really Going On?

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