Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mixed Signals

Due to the ongoing smoke and mirrors show?  there were a lot of mixed signals. 

Now some have mixed emotions;  like Ferguson police militarization they said "they're feeling some kind of way" about this. 

When I kicked these notions?  I bear witness to how some were working these situations!! these jokers tried to play me the other way like I was Jesse Jackson up in Ferguson.

This is authentic!! I wasn't slick with these elixirs and potions!!  that's not how it's working son. 

Check out how I kick it; I come through listening to Billy Ocean's what is the colour of love? 

Some fell for the corporations slick promotions or signals;  now I see them in line as they push and shove. 

There's no love!!  reality will give you more than an ice bucket challenge. 

There's no love per 50 Cent with the Mayweather reading challenge!!  but I dip down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie or bucket even though the situation is a foul one.

Somebody will dial one to snitch!! check the  whistleblowing that's the fashion these days.

O-Zone interprets the mixed signals after jokers play him the other way. 

Danger zone business is like Amerli surrounded by ISIS;  just check the crisis!! reality will put you in a chokehold like the NYPD and Eric Garner..

O-Zone and O-Dog conduct breakbeat scientific business as we interpret the mixed signals; why were they trying to start with a brotha? 

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