Friday, August 29, 2014

The Probationary Period

They'll try to play us the other way like a terror threat in Great Britain; that's what happens when were caught up in the system / matrix. 

Some go through a probationary period before they're accepted; now they think they're sitting pretty!!  but some don't make the cut because they faked it. 

I was laying in the cut observing the scene; but you won't hear me saying I don't have a strategy like Obama; I'm  seeing what it all means per checking out this ATL reality show

I'm praying for the corrupt even though they bring the drama!! I'm hoping they see that this brotha doesn't play!! like Russia rolling up on Ukraine I was wise to the set up!!  I know how it goes. 

So what's up mane? O-Dog searched hard for broken beats for this scientific process!!

Breakbeat Science!!  that's how we handle this probationary period!! jokers have us on hold like we're waiting for a cure for Ebola!! but it is what it is!!  it's no more or no less; so don't stress!!!

I'll confess, but I won't snitch there's a difference; check out how my scattered thoughts led to these abstract dynamics!!

O-Dog's  lab is similar to T.D. Jakes Potter's House; beats are like ceramics!!

Just like ceramics, he holds them; he molds them, so it's down that I hold him!!

Like Vladimir Putin said don't mess with Russia O-Zone has O-Dog's  back!! check out these clearance rack epiphanies!! I was at the service desk returning bogus merchandise sold him!!!

He felt the pressure during this probationary period but he's rebuking what was told him!!! actually, it was just a damn lie!!

A bruh was Jook Jointing per Quincy Jones back in the day;  I didn't listen to What It Sound Like When Doves Cry!!

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