Monday, October 26, 2015

Seasons / Reasons Change PT.10 (Scorpio Season)

As we proceed and continue,  I'm typing this during Scorpio Season.

True indeed!!  the demeanor is cool like Hillary Clinton at the Benghazi hearings or cool like November;  knowing how the sport will go,  the seasons / reasons. 

Whatcha mean bro?  that's what they asked me, but  like the red and black Louisville Cardinal hat I was rocking I told them the sport can go sideways. 

Reasons  / treasons were Katina Powell like sport!!  now the glances are sideways. 

Seasons / reasons to fall back like November 1st,  but hunger and thirst provide fuel.

Reasons / treasons made me fall back!!  Hunger Games Peacekeepers creep up on us!!  they said me and my kind were acting a fool. 

Bad seasons make me act a fool like Greg Hardy of the Dallas Cowboys because my team is losing. 

Bad reasons make another act a fool;  they were down to Plan Z understand me?  some didn't have the mind, spirit or heart to see Plan B to Plan Y; why ask why? this knowledge is based on Atlanta I-20 cruising.

Seasons / reasons for choosing to take the Mission Impossible Rogue Nation  assignment were similar to Ethan's

Hunt; O-Dog is digital crate digging he'll continue to gather and hunt while cruising down I-20 in Atlanta listening to Earth Wind and Fire's Reasons, staying a step ahead of stormtroopers and heathens.

Losing / winning,  up and down!!  that's the business on this earth until the shot clock expires!!  I kept on running.

It got lonely out there during this Scorpio Season, what were the reasons? I don't know, but  I kept on funky drumming

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