Monday, October 12, 2015

Seasons / Reasons Change PT.9 (The New Moon Edition)

What it do?..I'm All Up In The House where Reason Gave Way To Madness..

Or, I was all up in the house but I dipped after they claimed I was a suspect; now I'm four five sixing it, dropping mathematics...

Fanatics bring static like it's the Taliban in Kunduz or The Swat Valley;  will they send Swat after me? I'm just a breakbeat scientific professor!!

Erratic was the behavior like I was the Cartel member?  rivals and authorities were looking for him!!  they said he drove the grey Mercedes Compressor..

More stress for ya; dark funnel clouds approach, soon there are floods like South Carolina so now what's up? a universal stress test like the one given banks?

O-Dog will bless ya with the choon!! the funk stanks as we approach Armageddon after learning the lesson; watch your mouth and mind your business was what haters told O-Zone; they said a brother doesn't rank.. 

God will bless ya!! even if it appears some are janked up, check out the public transportation / transformation...

It's not odd for society to stress ya!! it seems like it's a new season of the Walking Dead!!  some will show dread now they want to shoot after the Cowboys- Patriots game at AT&T Stadium!! was there an overload of information? 

Any rest for ya? seasons / reasons change now some are like the Dallas Cowboys led by Brandon Weeden instead of Tony Romo... 

Any rest for ya? seasons / reasons change now some are ready to stop the bleeding, especially at this New Moon in Libra, so whatcha know? 

Treasons change the landscape, some will try to make an escape!! I see ya but wouldn't want to be ya,  you'll get whats coming to ya....

Seasons / reasons change but O-Dog will roll the tape, he's still funky drumming for ya!!

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