Saturday, October 17, 2015

Blue Collar: Hard Work Is Put In PT.5

From back in the day to back to the future;  what it do? I’m bringing the rebuttal due to being retro-futuristic.

Told you earlier; this brotha is Intergalactic like the NASA Cassini spacecraft out by Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus; on earth, who’s fair us?    Mystic Voyages were taken;  it’s the funk we came back with.

Who will work with ya? heard the static when I got back with these quantum mechanics combined with genetic engineering;  these brothers are back in the game with it like Lamar Odom in recovery…

Who will work with ya? especially if your spotted with shade tree mechanics on the same team fussing like Jeb Bush vs Marco Rubio!!  it’s rough out in the mainstream of mathematics!! loathing and fearing out in the zone of discovery?

Who will work with ya? might have to play in China like Greg Oden but those  jokers schemed and plotted per their hacking…

Who will work with ya? jokers are whistleblowing like Edward Snowden or even Katina Powell up in Louisville with stories of macking..

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