Friday, October 16, 2015

The Story Is Unfolding As We Speak PT.5

As I usually say, it's going down!! I borrow a line from the news reporter; the story is unfolding as we speak..

Reading the TelePrompter; oh!! this good word is dropped!! prompt for ya!! but like Lamar Odom at the brothel the outlook is bleak..

Pleading with the judge? criminals conduct plea bargains after they wreak havoc per drinking the broth or elixir, soon  Joseph's Tomb site was catching fire..

Who am I to judge? but I noticed sublimnals were dropped after a census was conducted; a majority of the peeps in the hood were watching Empire...

Some  say it's played out, it jumped the shark!! meanwhile I'm using a Fresh View / Fresh Vision everyday / everyway peeping game; plus staying humble, not stylin and profiling..

Took a look at things while the vehicle was in park; the story is unfolding as we speak or as I type this!! it's easy to stumble!! plus authorities are racial profiling..

Plus, I noticed the inmates were running the asylum; the situation? a foul one!! it's like we're crossing a  Bridge of Spies or a Bridge Over Troubled Waters...

Per Simon and Garfunkel; meanwhile during intergalactic journeys extraterrestrials told me how the funk should go after  I left Mars;  floating  down flowing waters 

Simple Simon types  believed the hypes!! so, if your in Rome how would you be? at the Vatican dealing with Angels and Demons?

Please!!  due to the hypes the story is unfolding as we speak!! it's going down per big pimping by Andre McGee and Katina Powell types  from the home of the Louisville Cardinals to the Carolinas, home of the Wake Forest Demon Deacons...

Please!! the story is unfolding as I speak / type this!! beacons of light shine!! some try to ignore them, but that's not part of the Natural Process..

Please!! the story is unfolding as I speak / type this!! You'll get jammed up like the Atlanta Falcons did by the New Orleans Saints!!  meanwhile we continue to flow down this *Stream Of Consciousness*

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