Monday, October 19, 2015

Treacherous Waters (Sharks and Piranhas)

 We were out there in treacherous waters with the sharks and piranhas, we were told  to float on / float on;  like The Floaters...

Donald Trump knows what the deal is about 9/11 but he tries to retract his statements to appease voters...

Beats thump and this good word is dropped on the boaters floating upstream:  I'm trying to catch the express route so I Float On!! the matrix architect is trying to give me a one way ticket.

Streets didn't stump us with the multiple choice questions!! now we're Going in, floating down the Treacherous Waters aka the  *Stream Of Consciousness*  / in it now up to our necks  / all up in it.

Fleets didn't hump like me, I had the blue collar style, plus I have the rasta style!! but some have it twisted,  just because I rock the baldy.

Haters say its not in my file; ha! ha! ha! I had to laugh; plus the pasta was foul that was prepared by chefs in Hell's Kitchen!! find out where the fault will be!!

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