Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ghetto Editorials PT.3 (Based On A Fresh View / Fresh Vision)

 Check out these ghetto editorials based on fresh view / fresh vision pictorials!! now breakbeat science is dropped, thought and fashion police it bothers...

I let go of preconcieved notions now I'm Rolling on the River with Tina Turner, thought and fashion police say this is hazardous material like we're floating in stagnant waters!!

Elixirs and potions we're delivered now we have commotions from Syria to South China; so who can see what it do?

Seeing the world:  North Korea will show you what going ballistic will be like:  act like you knew...

Ghetto editorials are dropped; they ask O-Zone; why do you act like you do? then I spotted a clone that downloaded the info, what was it that they knew? their bar code was scanned plus they're micro chipped..

Drones dropped contraband in Oklahoma prison yards!! crooks act like they know a brotha when they deal the cards!! they play me like I slipped..

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