Thursday, October 15, 2015

The I-20 Chronicles (Oh Yes!! We're Putting It Down Like This)

We're dipping down I-20 in Atlanta: Oh Yes!! it's business as usual, we're about to put it down like this...

We're slipping around these tribunals trying to target us like the Benghazi committee vs Hillary Clinton; you know we had to fight this!! 

Jokers are flipping out around Atlanta, I see how the tribe will do, they're fugazi!! in Midtown? Mayor Reed gets called out!! meanwhile  George Clinton type funk was used when we balled out..

Whatcha know? like Lamar Odom some balled out of control, soon the vehicle stalled out.. 

Whatcha know? why are some on the podium at the Democratic Presidential Debate? Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are the frontrunners..

Whatcha know? down I-20 in Atlanta we flow one step of fanatics who show hate; for a dollar they'll front on us!!
It's going down!! we're rolling from Candler Road in Decatur, on up I-85 to Beatties Ford Rd in Charlotte, North Carolina....

CMPD creating public safety zones? other cities using drones as O-Zone dips in the Buick Park Avenue on this Throwback / Thirsty Thursday;  homie asked me; where can we find ya?

Clones were flowing through the darkness waiting following hunches but there are no free lunches for the hungry and thirsty!! society told them the light might blind ya..

Once again it's on!! I'm back in the ATL so where can I park this Mothership? trying to scope the situation out; Intergalactic!! might be in front of ya / behind ya...

A brotha gets funky, like Russia in Turkey's airspace others front on ya:  but I might have a sign for ya / what it do? O-Dog is putting it down like this *Sending Messages In The Songs*

Jive turkeys are  getting hit up with this Sonic Assault; it's used to express Random Thoughts, confronting society's wrongs...


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