Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Check The Status Quo (It's Like This And Like That And A) PT.2

 Check The Status Quo (It's Like This And Like That And A):  hip hop cliches and catch phrases are dropped in the stanza..

Quid Pro Quo were the conditions per Paul Ryan serving as Speaker of The House; jokers are funny like Tony Danza...   

Whatcha know?  jokers are Drivin N Cryin like that rock group from Atlanta, meanwhile O-Dog was dropping jazz, funk, hip hop and house music on the masses, the DJ is fixing problems for those buying two dollars worth of gas at the Quik Trip over on Wesley Chapel Road in Decatur..

Somebody's lying was what Pops told me!! this *Humpday Extravaganza*  will address those problems introduced by a hater.. 

Somebody's lying is what Pops told me!! understand a bruh? check out the cartel gathering in Moscow with Assad and Putin..

Check The Status Quo (It's Like This And Like That And A) check this math we bring,  this good word is dropped;  the truth? we're not disputing...

What was it that the hood heard?  word in the wind / word on the curb? Andre McGee and Katina Powell types are real messy up in Louisville;  who's snitching about it?

Check out the deliberate falsehoods: you know somebody will knock the hustle after they  see you *going all out for it*

Like Jeb Bush vs Donald Trump I heard them say they had their doubts about it!! some are  full of that negativity!!

O-Dog is cold crushing!! beats will thump per the sonic assault /  resistance!! damn! it seems we fight a caste of thousands!!  you know misery loves company.

Haters show persistence; check the status quo (It's Like This And Like That And A) some are testing missiles, meanwhile jokers will be packing pistols even into churches

Meanwhile we came back with this..A Brand New Batch...funk is dropped on this earth when The Mothership parks; it's funky, greasy like chicken from Popeyes or Churchs....

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