Tuesday, October 13, 2015

This Is How It's Going Down On A Terrible / Terrific Tuesday

They weren't really checking for a brotha on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, I can see that's how it's going down. 

What's the perspective?  like Russian technology shooting down MH 17 in Ukraine they're disrespecting a brotha, playing me as a  prime suspect!!  that's how it usually goes down. 

What's the perspective? my technology is considered hazardous material so I'm disconnecting from the mainframe;  I'm letting the hustlers hustle and the players play. 

Checking out the scenery / observing the scene;  Britney Griner types  gave pimps / players competition,  so how will jokers play?

What's it all mean to me? pimps / players have the game twisted like Katina Powell and Andre McGee, meanwhile  hard work is put in  / I keep grinding;  it's Terrible / Terrific Tuesday but I'm  humping like the middle of the week!!

What's it all mean to me?  pimps / preachers like Creflo Dollar said Jesus died to make us a dollar;  this is how it's going down? meanwhile we keep grinding!!  drums are played like Clyde Stubblefield,  bass like Jaco Pastorius!!  in the lab?  beats we tweak. 

Devil's advocates try to reach us / holla at us but for freedom we ride!!  we rumble out here in the field while  Oscar Pistorius types take shots at us. 

More than the blade runner!!!  in the Mel Waiters hole in the wall club dude had the blade plus he was a gunner, the pistol was flashed!!  plus society had plots and schemes for us. 

Have and have nots clash; haters said the American dream is not for us,  they told us to fall back..

Shots flash over in Decatur on Glenwood Road as dude tried to dip in an old school Lincoln Continental like Neo and Morpheus were Matrix riding in!! check the metamorphis per the Equinox, fall is back...

Shot glasses were full due to the sport being complex, now some didn't call back due to being drunk...

This is how it's going down on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday: this good word is dropped, along with the funk...


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