Friday, October 30, 2015

The Outback Chronicles (The Friday Recap)

 It's going down!! due to the seasons / reasons change?  here's another edition of the outback chronicles. 

It's going down!! on November 1st we fall back due to the time change; damn!!  meanwhile like Texas Biker Shootouts  treasons change the constituency!! some are foul with that,  so how do I respond to these and those? 

I couldn't be at ease, even though I tried to Remember The Time like Michael Jackson when I had peace; it didn't be still and it left and didn't call back,  as trees are hanging at precarious angles in my backyard like they'll hit the house. 

I couldn't be at ease,  criminals were full of action; I remember  when I was hanging with nefarious ones; reminded of the past as remnants of Hurricane Patricia blow through;  she was all up in the house! 

*Rembrandts*  are painted as I type into this iPhone; the Brotha O-Zone was taking a break from raking leaves.

Like Hillary Clinton vs #BlackLivesMatter in Atlanta haters damned that whether we did or didn't;  a fake one deceives. 

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