Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Terrible / TerrIfic Tuesday? (I'm Just Laying In The Cut)

Terrible or Terrific Tuesday? blaming it on a Full Moon in Taurus? what's up cuz? I'm back to my old tricks of the trade,  a dude is laying in the cut.

As jokers act brand new with me tools / tricks of the trade fight the charade!! blue collar style!! not too much time to talk junk like Donald Trump vs Seven Day Adventists while Ben Carson leads in the polls;  I'm just asking / saying what's up? 

Seven Day Adventists knocked on doors this past Saturday, in other realms fools / tricks get played!! who said it was about a dollar? the fast money won't last long, you heard what I'm saying? that's what's up!!

No Richard Nixon dirty tricks type of politics in my perimeter,  I'm not playing around with the corrupt.

Peace to Richard Nickerson!!  we kicked knowledge concerning politics back in the day:  nothing has changed, the corrupt are still running things!! 

Republicans are bickering among themselves:  Donald Trump vs everybody else,  then they talk about running things? 

What's the perspective? Terrible or Terrific Tuesday?  brothers are working it out per Willie Hutch coming through in the clutch!!  setting off alarms and smoke detectors. 

What's the perspective? Terrible or Terrific Tuesday? brothers are working out getting physically and mentally fit, rebuking the Willie Lynch doctrines!! small armies will confront the jokers who were enemy defectors.

What's the perspective? Terrible or Terrific Tuesday?  an entity will disrespect us,  but we aren't playing around with the corrupt. 

What did they expect us to do?  breakbeat science is dropped per laying in the cut.

What's the perspective? Terrible or Terrific Tuesday? I'm praying, that's whats up!! it led to a fresh view / fresh vision..

Check out this by-product from laying in the cut, I told you this is whats up, this is how I'm living!!

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