Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Check The Status Quo (It's Like This and Like That And A)

What's the status quo? *it's like this and like that and a*  per the hip hop cliche: your dude is po pimping like Do Or Die

Not fronting like Big Bank Hank,  may he rest in peace;  or Rich Homie Quan that's not what I'm on!! There are no chest thumps like Donald Trump!!   act like you knew, why ask why?

I continue to thank the Lord for my blessings, considering the mitigating factors. 

It's rough out here!! per Lamar Odom and others everybody's going through something /  everybody's hands are dirty, now the system is litigating actors. 

Plus actresses:  economics? that's what the main factor is!! corporations try to raise the bar,  recognize the pattern.

Check the status quo:  *it's like this and like that and a* / it's going down from the ATL to Louisville /  from the KIC 8462852 star to Pluto /  to Mars to Saturn. 

Check the status quo:  *It's like this and like that and a*  reality has my thoughts scattering!! they're  all over the universe. 

Now they're collected like debts by collection agencies that are flagrant with those and these!! O-Zone will let you know in the verse. 

Or maybe two,  he acts like he knew!! dropping this breakbeat science?  he didn't front.

O-Dog will drop the funk after doing the knowledge / digging in the crates:  he had to gather and hunt.

Smoke, fog and mirrors provide the atmosphere for a stunt to be pulled by these wannabes, like Russian airstrikes in Syria or the Benghazi mass hysteria,  but this is not Hollywood...
Check the status quo:  *It's like this and like that and a* as these wannabes perpetrate the deliberate falsehood..


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