Thursday, November 17, 2022

Life Is A Marathon / We Kept On Running PT. 5

 Reflecting on past experiences, catch me handling Throwback Thursday type of business. 

Realizing life is a marathon, we kept on running; Riders On The Storm like the Doors and Jim Morrison so what's up son? y'all should know what the deal is!

They can feel this! who? others who are struggling, social distancing way before Covid 19 and the quarantine. 

Antisocial? oh yeah that's the way they flow,  that way their aura is supposedly fail-safe. 

Actually? socially awkward, check out the clockwork that's how they're running this race / marathon, the real reason for the season?

As we proceed and continue through this last week of Scorpio Season with Sagittarius on deck; I suspect some will want another chance at hello? its welcome, if it's considered safe. 

Life is a Marathon, they kept on running all out there in search of a safe haven  / safe harbor.

Once again its on but reality is disappointing some! these earthlings? hatred they'll harbor!

But life is a marathon so we kept on running,  our ship left the harbor; smooth with it! out here making these orchestral maneuvers.

It's like we're up in Louisville up in the hole in the wall club mentioned by Mel Waiters!! whiskey or rum happy, just doing what behooves us. 

Life Is a Marathon we kept on running!  so what's up y'all?  this good word is dropped and digital crate digging continues as the music speaks / moves us! we're not dreaming in vain!

Once again its on! this good word and the sound will revitalize us towards manifestation. 

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