Sunday, November 06, 2022

It's Going Down / We’re Putting It Down Like This!! (Part Six)

 It’s going down, it started on this Sunday morning! Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest but the devil and his advocates won’t let us rest!

Check us out as we put it down like this, good word dropping and Sunday Jazzing! our constituents we’ll bless..

..just like the Lord has blessed us rebuking the apparatus as it stressed us as Chefs from Hell’s Kitchen prepare meals that are morbidly unnatural.

Now it’s going down, check out the meals in the restaurant with the subtle taste of mischief. Like Trump vs Ron Desantis enhancing your hamartia? shady deals are going down to bring us down, accenting that awkward clockwork? Advancing? not with impartial partisanship, check out these polarized Mid-Term Elections plus the timing is off due to this Daylight Savings Time / fall back clockwork.

We’ll see how it’ll work with this Full Moon in Taurus / Eclipse on Election Day adding another layer or level to the fray.

We’ll continue to put in work; it’s going down / we’re putting it down like this as this good word is dropped and the music will play!

The lifestyle? I see how some will play; flamboyant, it’s usually electrifying. But like Russia vs Ukraine foul proceedings are going down, burdensome pressure is soon arriving. We’re surviving, we’re putting it down like this but I see these earthlings make futile attempts at immortality.. ..but shucking and jiving, but soon caught up in the system / matrix like Kanye and Kyrie; not peeping game, disrespecting reality.

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