Friday, November 25, 2022

Life Is A Marathon / We Kept On Running PT. 9

 Life is a marathon, we kept on running! word to those who were wondering how this black man was going to play.

Even through per this holiday season?  my constituents are  out here wandering around, something about a Black Friday!

Thanksgiving Day? it coincided with our Thankful Thursday concept but as we move to this Fabulous Friday we're blessed and highly favored per the Clark Sisters, gratitude is shown!

The future? its uncertain but life is a marathon and we kept on running! we're out here trying to conjure something up!

Not standing still we know the Real Deal Holyfield per the Flashback Friday reference; moving forward but the outcome is unknown.

Not standing still, life is a marathon and we kept on running! bursting at the seems with plots and schemes, so what's up?

 Life is a marathon /  we kept on running for those wondering what's up as we proceed and continue!!

Still good word and big beat dropping not quitting / stopping, check the menu as we rock these venues!!

But the saga / struggle continues, even though there's a lot of  lot of hubris! some will front / flex with the new Tesla, the stately home and all  the endeavors are bountiful. 

But the saga / struggle continues!! life is a marathon as others like me kept on running, but we're out here where there's no benevolence, a lot of selfishness.

 Others are struggling, I even heard the Santana track "I Ain't Got Nobody To Depend On"; some are out here asking, who can we count on? 

Some are out here limelight basking while others could be blessed by that and this!

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