Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Safe Havens / Safe Harbors (Part Six)

Digital crate digging continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza; we're laying in the cut in safe havens / safe harbors!!  of course we'll follow our creed / motto; We'll Let The Music Play!!

Weaponizing this good word and and beats that bump!! blasting on jokers!! hatred they harbor!! in response, this  is how we're going to play. 

Doing the mathematics, soon getting over the hump after we sum up the consequences!!  collecting these scattered thoughts

Dealing with fanatics, we'll dump on their outposts leaving them bruised and battered per  launching these sonic assaults. 

Similar to erratic moves made by Turkey into Syria? naw bruh,   per moves made by Trump Kurds are facing the mass hysteria /  thrown under the bus. 

Similar to static heard at the Dekalb County Georgia  courthouse concerning the Anthony Hill case; my constituents mentioned no peace or justice. 

...actually it's no justice no peace,  the chant from original Freedom Riders. 

Laying in the cut in the safe haven / safe harbor; I was in the amen corner  / old school church deacon style but check the style; an updated version of a freedom rider.

Not playing around with the corrupt, they had that Rudy Giuliani style / spirit about themselves..

Running interference for Trump over in Ukraine; it's rough out here but we kept playing!! told to go on with our bad selves!!

Knowing what the deal is, not out here misbehaving!! at the moment? twelfth house activity is taking place!! 

Knowing what the deal is, laying in the cut in the safe haven / safe harbor recharging our batteries;  restoration takes place!!

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