Thursday, October 24, 2019

Safe Havens / Safe Harbors (Part Eight)

This is business as usual; we're chilling out in the safe haven / safe harbor on this Throwback / Thankful Thursday!  at the moment your dude is laying in the cut. 

Spotted the other business as usual; jokers are misbehaving like Matt Gaetz and the crew SCIF raiding;  recognizing the evil opponent, but they've got your dude praying for the corrupt. 

That's what's up for those wondering, standing by the gates being processed by security, issued proxy cards;  usually we're out in the world fighting proxy wars while we're out here wandering.

 Blasting off from I-20 in Atlanta,  the runway/  gateway to the universe,  opposing those that plot / scheme and curse;  the world /  universe ? they're plundering.

 Pseudo- intellectual / spiritual /  subliminal /  habitual criminals? we weren't dealing with these and those!! check the style, soon leaving the safe haven / safe harbor, soon doing the damn thing /  going in /  getting it in. 

Suede or leather pulled out per the Fall Equinox, now we'll proceed into Scorpio Season!! 

Take off the hot sweater if things got too hot was the advice from EPMD in their It's My Thing joint per Throwback Thursday!! check the style as we rebuke the scheme / plot by  good word dropping while O-Dizzle has the funky blend...

Blues like Mo Better? oh yeah, bro!! I vacated the premises / the joint retreated to the comfort zone /  safe havens / safe harbors, now it's on!! once again!!

Dues paid, pushing the letter / envelope like a postal worker but not spazzing / misbehaving  or going postal bro!!

Dues paid but another will still try to cut off the power off,  like it's a blackout in California..

Bearing witness to others about to blackout while waiting in the dark with their vehicles in park, as we leave the safe haven / safe harbor...

Knowing what the deal is!! this black man is back out here, God will bless showing no fear!! even though we're knowing it's hatred some harbor...

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