Monday, October 28, 2019

Safe Havens / Safe Harbors (Part Ten)

It's going down!! we're still chilling in safe havens / safe harbors;  check out these word in the wind  / word on the curb elaborations. 

Not like the word from Donald Trump concerning Al- Baghdadi or even a butt dialing Rudy Giuliani;  breakbeat scientific is how this will be,  check these lab manifestations. 

This good word is dropped and beats bump from Charlotte / Mecklenburg to Johannesburg;  from Pluto to Mars, as we get the prognosis.

 In the heart of it from Louisville /  Newburg to Greenville /  Spartanburg aka Sparkle City;  mentioned by 107.3 Jamz in Greenville,  providing the appropriate funk and soul music doses. 

Digital crate digging on a Music Monday?  might pull out some Shuggie Oits and Sparkle City but there's no pity from the street committee; that's the deal!!  affects like opiates and barbiturates per the ongoing opioid crisis?  during the ongoing crisis, we don't endorse that. 

Staying on point the past weekend,  rolling down I-85 to Charlotte avoiding state troopers aka stormtroopers trying to loop us in an ongoing crisis like it's that movie Looper; we know how the sport will get. 

Didn't abort that mission, O-Zone is a  real trooper!! that's the  attitude /  condition per the present Scorpio Season.

....energized by the Scorpio new moon, but peeping game as  a fool will swoon!!  soon up in the sport with the latest treason? 

Surprised / fooled by the sport? Seasons / Reasons are analyzed in safe havens / safe harbors, court proceedings fair or unfair? 

Surprised by the treason? jokers misbehaving? naw!! that's their Human Nature mentioned by Michael Jackson, so who's fair or unfair? 

Prize pursuits taken after safe haven / safe harbor chilling!! the theaters  will be local / national / international and intergalactic..

Rise in disputes? misbehaving mentioned by naysayers? just theatrics from fanatics acting irrational!! we continue to drop beats and these mathematics!!

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