Sunday, October 06, 2019

Philou Louzolo - Decolognize

Sunday Jazz Continues!! my constituents have probably heard me ask the following question;

What else besides gospel music should you listen to a Sunday besides jazz? some are second guessing..

...O-Zone rides for freedom, that's the gospel! at the moment not trying to spaz; cooling out / chilling out...

...on a Sunday afternoon; others were hostile mad like Trump and Pence about the ongoing impeachment inquiry; Democrats want those  with the shady dealing out..

On a Sunday afternoon? I'm feeling out my constituents with this afrobeat / jazzdance / soul jazz / house music from Philou Louzolo with a track called  Decolognize

..others mention Decolonize, me and my constituents keep our eyes  on the prize dealing with the opposition!  but it's no surprise..

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