Thursday, October 31, 2019

Upgrading / Updating (Part Two)

It's going down on this Throwback Thursday; concepts are revisited as we look into our archives..

It's going down!! we go back to the future, back and forth with it!! due to God's blessings?  a dude survives..

A  dude arrives, rolling down I-20 in Atlanta but damn!! we're dealing with technical difficulties!!  astrologers will blame it on Mercury retrograde. Scorpio; this veteran knows how the sport will go, check the abilities!! we're coming back like Washington Nationals! due to this Scorpio Season upgrade,  that's how the game is played!!

Shady dealing from the cult of personalities?  like jokers in Washington DC acting irrational per the Trump Impeachment hearings?  psychiatrists had their theories but others say they throw shade. 

Still dealing with the madness from these hillbillies but local / national /  international and intergalactic is where the game is played..

Upgrading / updating during the ongoing charades;  I was chilling in safe havens and safe harbors. 

Upgrading / updating even though today's rain in Atlanta will hit the parades;  constituents are mad,  hatred some harbor!! 

Upgrading / updating!! but what's really going on? opposition is met,  damn!!  trying to move forward but I see they've got us on standby.

 Jokers are still hating / delaying; elevator music playing in the background,  customer service came back around with another lie. 

Key players go down like Steph Curry with the hand injury, so who'll work with me on this Throwback Thursday or any day? like politicians others could neither confirm or deny that allegation,  it's a foul situation. 

Prayers sent up, God heard me? others are either with it or against it ; what did we expect from a devil's advocate?  in the meantime and between time we're back with it, check this breakbeat scientific style we're creating.

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