Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Safe Havens / Safe Harbors (Part Five)

For the record? chilling in safe havens / safe harbors!! it's going down on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, so named because things can go either way...

Sounding like a broken record, the vinyl skipping on the turntable, what's learned during the fable? how will we play?

DJ O-Zone is in the mix, reality and fantasy is mashed up trying to get the cash up; naysayers say it's an exercise in futility..

No judgment zones violated like lands along the Turkey / Syria border where Kurds resided; players question Trump's ability..

What's up with it?  O-Zone's advice? proceed to the nearest safe haven / safe harbor due to the hatred some harbor!! some are trying to find their way, but of course they'll get lost;  the GPS or compass won't help. 

...neither will Google Maps; jokers misbehaving,  plagiarizing?   please!! you can Google sermons and raps; over on Panola Road in Stonecrest Georgia dude with his pants sagging raps into the i-Phone;  uplifting the spiritual health? 

Act like you knew bro!! the masses? corporations are enslaving, jokers misbehaving out here on I-285 in Atlanta, swerving on it's 50th anniversary!!  spirits search for wealth while they're in the physical form.

Act like you knew bro!! that's what I told myself while chilling in safe havens / safe harbors as the adversity / anniversary approaches; Scorpio season soon here with Mercury and Venus already thee!! preparations made for the storm? 

Act like you knew bro!! but of course like the Trump Impeachment obstruction some will continue with the shady dealing,  then they'll say they have no business being in the storm or the inclement weather.

Whatcha know? while chilling in safe havens / safe harbors we'll bring beats and that bump and check this good word as we preach it, rebuking the shady dealing!! please!! the rain or reign began with a drizzle, but  the dim witted will say whatever. 

Whatcha know? while chilling in safe havens / safe harbors we knew the "dizzle";  we're aware of the hatred some will harbor!  they're considered cunning and clever but karma catches up with them. 

Whatcha know? while chilling in safe havens / safe harbors O-Zone keeps good word dropping and O-Dizzle kept funky drumming,  batching up something fresh for them.

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