Thursday, October 24, 2019

Deep Soulful House DJ Mix by JaBig - DEEP & DOPE 339

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, but you'll have to excuse us...

We're out here on the edges getting retro- futuristic, who'll work with me? it's easy to lose us...

Especially if your like the GOP claiming the Trump impeachment process is out of order even though the process follows the precedent they set per Benghazi hearings

Knowing what's up / the deally; in response beats bump and O-Zone will preach it!! something about loathing / fearing?

A brotha is steering the mothership to a safe haven / safe harbor; listening to this Deep Soulful House DJ Mix by JaBig - DEEP & DOPE 339

Check out the playlist and the mix, we're not misbehaving with this!! dropping this soul music in the house!! doing it real big, we're not playing!!

1. Chelsea Como, Jacko - TTYD (Blackkdraft Mix)
2. Tiger Wilson, A'Jaleigh - Out Of Control (Vocal Mix)
3. Tracy Hamlin - Cranes In The Sky (DJ Oji's Extended Vocal Mix)
4. Zepherin Saint, Miranda Nicole - Butterflies
5. UDAUFL/Blaze - A Wonderful Place
6. Sheree Hicks - Addicted
7. ??? - I'll make it hot???
8. ??? - Tenta me convencer or Faz tempo que estamos juntos
9. Sailor Jane - Afro Blue (Ancient Deep Remix)
10. JT Donaldson/Liv.e - Stay Inside

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