Thursday, October 10, 2019

Safe Havens / Safe Harbors (Part Four)

Safe havens / safe harbors get attacked like Trump abandoning the Kurds in Turkey; words from a jive turkey weren't justification..

Misbehaving!! hatred? some harbor!! rebuked by beats that bump and these good words; dropping mathematics, any sanctification?

Misbehaving? deliver us from evil was the prayer!! beyond the pay grade of Uber / Lyft / Amazon drivers; FedEx - ing it?   going postal when they serve this and that? the simple made complex?

Misbehaving / the deal with us?  chilling out in the safe haven / safe harbor; the "player player' style vacated?  soon back on the scene like Zion Williamson as we come with the next.

The dizzle? it is what it is?  rebuking shady dealing like the Joshua Brown killing?  not a damn thing has changed!! still hated by the system.

The drizzle turns into a full blown storm, check the reign...but it's not strange; so  how your feeling?

Hopes and dreams fizzle!! shattered!! they go up in smoke, per Throwback Thursday? mentioned by Eddie Kendricks plus everything is enhanced by smoke and mirrors.

Pumping brakes like Bendix, chilling out in safe havens / safe harbors but they're  under attack!! it's no joke!! facing the horrors and terrors.

Who's attacking like Baltimore Ravens? jokers trying to slow down Lamar Jackson?  what was the reaction? Nevermore was the slogan from the Raven by Edgar Allen Poe.

Who's wanting more? jokers saw us chilling in the safe haven / safe harbor accused us of  ranting and raving /  misbehaving!! going for what we  know!! 

O-Zone just told ya!! the apparatus was enslaving us!! please!! these gamblers were out for a fast buck!

Check the status!! we're back with this!! all about chiiling  but haters attack safe havens / safe harbors  like it's Yemen; you know they were corrupt.

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