Monday, June 10, 2019

Doing The Math / The Aftermath PT.5

We're still out here doing the math on this Monday Morning!  we're staying on point!!  like that back in the day dice game up in Victory Park in Louisville we're playing that point!! we weren't playing around or beating around the bush.

Floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee per Muhammad Ali as Louisville celebrated Ali Week; not weak, straight to the point like a lit match on the end of the blunt;  lighting up the kush.

Running things like Cush then Nimrod? jokers thought it was odd!! saw me floating like Jordan going to the hoop celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Dirt Bowl in Algonquin  Park!! cold crushing them!!  bum rushing them if it was all about liberation!!

Doing the math, history revealed the Land of Kush to modern day drama in Sudan, check the aftermath!! meanwhile we're on a roll,  not waiting in the dark!! getting free and staying free!!  ignored systemic procedures that were part of the instigation.

Doing the math, now check the aftermath!! no fake deals like Trump and Mexico, we took an inventory now we'll let it go!! these are clearance rack epiphanies purged from the supply room. 

Doing the math linking abortion to eugenics like  Clarence Thomas? naw bruh!!  this is O-Zone getting breakbeat scientific, urged on by the Brotha O-Dizzle!! per this Music Monday? he will supply the boom. 

What's the aftermath? what's the dizzle?  per getting breakbeat scientific?  per this Music Monday? the boom bap will drizzle like the reign that began. 

What's the aftermath? what's the dizzle?  doom prophets?  naw!!  we're just out here trying to drop this math and rock it,  that's what's up man! 

Doing the mathematics, flowing down the mainstream of mathematics /  dealing with  fanatics who come equipped with the chaos and mayhem.

Check the aftermath; evil forces try to team up on us wanting us to take a loss,  but we kept on running / playing. 

Plus we kept on praying, still out here doing the math walking down that path;  that's how we made it. 

We also kept it real, but I  see others act like they had a Hollywood role;  they played it.

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