Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Jazzy and Funky Disco House

Digital Crate Digging Continues per my HumpDay Extravaganza segment; getting over the hump? we're eligible for it!

Why not? God is in the blessing business, but jokers are stressing this like racist Philadelphia police; on Facebook they'll run and tell it..

In Florida? face to face with a crook? Trump supporters at the rally fell for it!! even Mitch McConnell concerning reparations got foul!!  meanwhile beats will bump check the style!! plus this good word will accompany it..

Whatcha know bruh? earlier I told you getting over the hump is the business; we're out here rolling down I-20 in Atlanta: the mystic voyage? we're not done with it!!

On the one with it!! getting off I-20, now I'm out here at in that section where jazz, meets funk, disco and house music!!

Listening to Jazzy and Funky Disco House from DJ Groove, keeping us on the move!! check out the playlist and the good music..

TRACKLIST 01. (00:00) The Face, Adam Shaw, Mark Brown - Needin' U (Dimitri From Paris)
02. (07:10) Uptown Funk Empire - Boogie
03. (11:06) Candido - Thousand Fingered Man (12”)
04. (17:08) Roy Ayers - Sugar (The Reflex Revision)
05. (23:42) Jack Tennis feat. Andre Espeut - Holding On (Pete Le Freq Refreq)
06. (31:18) Tommy Heron - That Jam is Pumped
07. (35:14) Sneaky Sound System - Can't Help The Way That I Feel (Ben Renna)
08. (40:11) Dutchican Soul - Time Goes By
09. (46:31) Sebb Junior - Riverside
10. (51:15) N-You-Up - Jazz Bar (Saison Rework)
11. (55:25) Twism, DJ Queen B - Top, Hat N' Tails
12. (1:00:17) Moon Rocket - Don't Do It
13. (1:05:40) Moodena - Jammin
14. (1:10.25) Rhemi - Shake Your Body Down
15. (1:17:31) Unreleased Project - Smooth Like This

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