Friday, June 07, 2019

Doing The Math /The Aftermath PT.4

Following Flashback Friday rules and guidelines; your dude is reflecting on past episodes..

But my mind will flashback to the future; minds playing tricks like Geto Boys? past and future modes?

Public Transportation / Transformation modes while doing the mathematics?  a dude toys with the  calculations concerning more or less.

Interruption of my teleportation the aftermath?  being built or torn down due to debatable circumstances or situations?  feeling the stress. 

Continue playing the sport was the encouragement received from the elder; per Numbers 6 :24?  was told that the Lord will continue to bless if we stay on the path,  otherwise we feel the wrath.

One accord with the masses as we stay on this math and science!! these good word droppers and funky drummers are  bumping heads with the wise and otherwise!!  some will feel this staff. 

Back in the day per Flashback Friday? rolling down Broadway up in Louisville in the Buick Regal, now check the aftermath; Honda Accord rolling on another path;  I-20 in Atlanta was the gateway to the universe. 

Back in the way with these Ford Fusion intrusions throughout the galaxy? rolling in the mothership but lights blinked on the instrument panel so I had to land on earth!!  a blessing or a curse? 

 Dealing with adverse conditions per fusion centers and infusion centers when they  collect and disperse the information or science? 

 Doing the math;  like Trump attacking Pelosi and  Robert Mueller  the confusion is centered on the information overload; per Flashback Friday it's like the Delfonics;  this time blowing minds

The aftermath? per Sonic Assaults beats bump and we'll compose this good word;  illusions centered in the demeanor?  staying on code was the advice received from the activist. 

Per Flashback Friday? reality is bruising like an old school NBA center in the low post not even thinking about shooting a three pointer!!  breakbeat science is what O-Zone will post,  he's back with this.

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