Monday, June 03, 2019

Doing The Math /The Aftermath PT.3

It's going down on this Music Monday; oh yes!! the music will play but we're also doing the math...

It's going down during this New Moon in Gemini, some will swoon after they heard the lie; what's the aftermath?

Two sides to the game? when going down that path we see  the truth was in the middle, so Lord help!!  / Lord have mercy is heard!! those were battle cries used when going in / getting it in.

Whose side are you on in the game? all up in spiritual battles, sometimes feeling the wrath!!  I even wrote this on so called sacred grounds or premises with visions of winning.

A dude rides for freedom in this game!! he's on another path,  check the  different vision utilization when dealing with the arch nemesis;  oh yes!!  it's a prerequisite. 

The aftermath? dealing with being "funky fresh in the flesh"  vs a Babylon nations shady dealing!!!  oh yes!!  sketches match the composite. 

Coming out fresh with brand new batches after doing the math per knowledge gained from the elders; prayers are sent up,  check the spiritual deposits into accounts.

Coming out fresh with brand new batches!! soon acknowledging the blessings  that were the dividends on these spiritual warfare fronts. 

Flawed software fixed with patches? not alleviating all the stressing on these fronts;  oh yes!! the fronts are  corporate /  government /  collegiate / religious;  my constituents deal with it. 

It's rough out here!! check the hating /  stressing on these fronts!!  slick ones like Franklin Graham and William Barr  misinterpreted the Bible and the constitution!!  they aren't real with it.

It's rough out here!! summed up the consequences after doing the math!!

Taking it there!! beats are drummed up as we unleash this sonic assault; this is the aftermath..

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