Sunday, June 23, 2019

Doing The Math / The Aftermath PT.7

Doing the knowledge / doing the math / chilling out for a minute or two; due to the Summer Solstice and Neptune Retrograde?   routines /  rites and rituals have been adjusted.

Good mileage on the mothership? oh yes!! we  went down that path,  chilling out in Savannah / Tybee Island  while in the Dominican Republic they're flagrant fouling; shady dealing might be minor or minute to you but it's serious to us!! 

 What's good? check the style as a brotha gets breakbeat scientific,  but we trust in the Lord and we try to be of good courage but the world will discourage. 

Doing the knowledge / doing the math? oh yes!! the saga / struggle continues so what's on these menus?  hopefully meals that will nourish.

Checked the mileage, so what's the aftermath? damn!! the saga / struggle continues!!  it's hard to flourish in these waters full of sharks and piranhas. 

Jokers were foul with it!! there's nowhere to run or hide from these ongoing dramas.

Doing the math, now check how the style will get!! crooks were chilling out for a minute or two,  authorities claim they're on to you but like Trump vs Iran folk  don't know half the story.

Check the aftermath, now charges will be trumped up;  fabricated  by those that hated /  told the story.

Check the aftermath, so what's the path? old school getting over the hump type of players said charge it to the game,  plus it comes with the territory; that  was the word on the curb.

Check the aftermath;  it's hard in the game / it's rough out here!!  I had to back away from the buffet!!!  my appetite?  I curb..

Doing the math, that word on the curb was studied like Robert Mueller studied conversations between Paul Manafort and Sean Hannity..

Check the aftermath as we go down that path unlike Democrats with impeachment; acting brand new in the sport? naw, that point? we haven't reached it! this is how we do!! my constituents understand me..

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