Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Doing The Math / The Aftermath PT.6

It's going down per my HumpDay Extravaganza segment!!  digital crate digging is involved, plus we'll be setting off the O-Dog Day Party...

Still trying to get over the hump from Atlanta to your land; the fire is fully involved per fireman's lingo!! it'll be rough out here for a gringo; why did they start with me?

We're doing the math, but these word problems will stump some; the thought and fashion police call this borderline belligerence..

The aftermath? we're working through these problems, blue collar style! we're out here trying to make a difference!!

The aftermath? check out the world's problems from the Dominican Republic to Hong Kong; we're trying to stay strong!! we're kicking asses and taking names!! actually?  just writing these quotes. 

The aftermath? even David Ortiz got caught out there, so what's up with it?  meanwhile we take it there!! conducting classes and seminars,  not faking in these games!! I told students to take notes.

Doing the math in this sport? please!! while peeping game we see some corrupted the masses by taking votes!! Stacey Abrams out in Hollywood cleaning up Bryan Kemp's mess?   the GOP ran their  game plan from Georgia to Florida to all points beyond. 

Doing the math in this sport? please!! so what's up with stealing elections per Operation Car Wash in Brazil to so called regime change in Venezuela?  it's even hot on the block / hot in the hood;   rough out here for a player!! how will we  respond?

Going down that path? oh yes!! breakbeat scientific with it,  I'm still out there on I-20 in Atlanta rolling in the hooptie listening to Rose Royce play Car Wash; back in the day Louisville memories flash through my mind and it's not even Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday!! 

Going down that path? oh yes!! I understand Louisville had Ali Week in honor of Muhammad Ali; damn!! in his prime he didn't play!!

Going down that path? oh yes!! O-Zone will keep moving forward but a naysayer said he didn't pray; man please!! Thanks given to the Lord for all he's done for me..

Doing the math? the aftermath will be determined by a prayer or two; soon blessings come down in the city and the field!! act like you knew, but excuse me;  the Lord is not through with me yet!!  he's not done with me!!

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