Saturday, June 08, 2019

Mike Dunn - Acid Rush (Extended Vokal mixX)

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we keep rolling with this O-Dog Day Party on a rainy day in Atlanta..

The saga / struggle continues; O-Dog Day Partying is the response, plus you still might get some Afternoon Jazz from a brotha...

Moving in different directions in pursuit of best perfection; it's going down from Atlanta to to your section!!

Moving in different directions!! we're bumping heads with the system like Russian and US warships out in the ocean ..

 Moving in different directions!! shining like Jupiter meeting the Full Moon in Sagittarius but not trying to act nefarious we're just trying to cold crush..

Not the cold crush medicine more like the Cold Crush Brothers providing the sonic medicine per this Mike Dunn track called  Acid Rush 

This is the Extended Vokal mixX, Mike Dunn has been killing it with his My House From All Angles" project with Defected Records..
This is courtesy of the Classic Music Company, so who'll work with me? we're all up in the house putting it down!! let it be reflected in the records!! ...

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