Monday, July 19, 2010

Progressive Liberation Revisited..

Heard the belligerence..running off at the mouth like The Tea Party..a lot of folk like to talk that talk.

What's up with this? once again it's on...we're on the road to freedom..on The Road To Damascus..who else will walk the walk?

What's up with this? Progressive Liberation is the mission..chalk one up for the home team!

What's up with this? woo is the outcry!! what's the impression? drama even goes down at the malls in Atlanta..Greenbriar or even Northlake..white chalk and yellow tape at the crime scene.

We're killing it!! break a leg like show business!! others balked on the the Rangers manager..soon ejected from the game.

Mafioso will shoot legs!! a brawl started between the teams..batters rushed the mound..soon realized that it's all game!

It's all the same!! streams of consciousness confirmed those scenarios.

From corporate offices to church pulpits!! halls of government to townships..ghettos and barrios.

Plus settlements in the Gaza..any word from our sponsor? the sport gets ugly even Lebron finds out about the Wild Wild West.

In Superior Court a brotha will be pleading his case!! a jury of his peers stressed.

Cloak and dagger was the mission!! told jokers to abort it fears are eradicated God blessed his children.

A bruh is on a mission!! check the Mechanical Engineering..this is how we played it!! we're not through dealing.

On a mission!! steering the Mothership to a safe's how we do it.

On a mission!! for Progressive Liberation.what are we facing? it's like The Gulf of Mexico..knowing some waters are polluted.

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