Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Sport Is Complex PT.4 / But We'll Put It Down Like This

These Justin Bieber type rookies find out that the sport is complex ...but the experience is good for them! 

These bookies fix races like it's Churchill Downs's like hacking Target's server...jokers aren't trying to serve ya!! they're doing whats good for them! 

The good book? please!! this good word is like church!! check how  the clearance rack epiphanies plus the sounds will enlighten!

 O-Dizzle had hook lines and his own beats..check the Street Funk;  now security will heighten! at the Winter Olympics in Russia per Vladimir Putin the drama will frighten the masses! 

Nuclear winter?  check the dynamics!! Alberta Clippers or even the polar vortex? ..this world is cold..we even felt the pressure!!  now coming with the next ...conducting seminars and classes! 

The sport is complex; some play it like LA Clippers..but some get whats coming to them!!  now their asses are running for cover! 

We come with the next;  O-Dizzle is funky drumming!!  plus check check this good word from a brotha!

So what's next? we deal with the inclement weather here in Atlanta...some want to blame Mayor Reed..when a lot of things were out of his jurisdiction... 

So what's next? as we deal with the inclement weather... true indeed..another joker said whatever...policy was not based on the truth..just pure fiction...

The sport is complex...check the sonic interdiction...check the steady bombardment of the enemy we put it down like this...

The sport is complex...but this veteran in the game is coaching like Pete Carroll...whose fare with a bruh? as I put it down like this..


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