Saturday, January 25, 2014

Its On Me / Doing What I Do

Damn!! its the end of the day...the Sun is going down...the darkness is upon us! 

Some are comfortable waiting they're riding down Highway A1A in Florida in a convertible; so whats up with us? 

Who will work with a bruh? nobody showed loyalty;  they'll front on you like Richard Sherman..damn!! I realize that its on me!

.... So I'm "gonna do what I do" ....that's always working for this unrecognized royalty..that's what's up with me!! but  it's like the Winter Olympics in Sochi ...I'm knowing how this business in the danger zone will be! 

Damn!! I wasn't at the Japanese spot eating it got lonely out there!! but I kept on running..please!! life is a marathon! 

O-Zone will be chilling out!! please!! I'm letting God do what he does per Marvin Sapp!! but now..some wonder what I'm on! 

Bad cards?  gamblers are dealing them out in this game!! word from Sam's Club workers...who will work with us? ..were realizing there's no justice or  peace! 

But like Louisville Cards I can win championships! I just need a
portal to slide through!!  just a crease! 

...not like wannabe players slacks..with the gators on in the ATL..I come to find out they were just paymasters! 

These wannabe divas / honeys liked them and the court jesters as the system tests us...meanwhile O-Dizzle will play the masters! 

Check out the vinyl, cassette, CD and MP3 by product! 

Whats the dizzle?  at the end of the day? damn!! its on me!! now  check my conduct! 

As I conduct myself in an orderly fashion...please..I'm just doing what I do! 

The corrupt will flex!! thought and fashion police stress! but God will bless!!  I was jumping and recognizing what it do!


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