Friday, January 17, 2014

I Surprised Myself

Damn!! the episode went down!! like Chris Christie and his folk I took it to the bridge...but a bruh surprised himself! 

Discrete modes are used when dipping through Babylon; plus I didn't burn a bridge..meanwhile the NSA will try to see what your on!! but I kept my eye on the prize..what's that?  my spiritual health!

Street modes combined with collegiate modes..then the mold was broken; like the West Virginia chemical spill..was it hazardous material?

Due to fungus and mold?  check the funk!! dealing with us?  the truth is told!! as we let you know what it do! 

The enemy is among us!! it's just like cyber attacks on retailers..the arch nemesis is on the premises!! they revealed their true colors per Cyndi Lauper!

An entity made empty promises but I chilled;  checking the weather forecast...what's on the radar per Doppler? 

The polar vortex reminded me the sport is complex!! so the mothership flies below the radar..they cant stop a bruh! 

I FlyLo like Flying Lotus!! as a brotha  gets scientific when I'm running this marathon!! that's whats up with a bruh! 

Word from this retro-futuristic mystic!! intergalactic business also
gets handled! 

Knowing from the get-go aliens and residents were fanatical!! I stayed on point after the mothership landed!

Business gets handled before it handles us...during the process? I surprised myself...

Knowing the deal with this...vandals will get busy!! so I'm skeptical about the process..but I went on with my bad self!!

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