Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Sport Is Complex PT.2

Mentioned before..I'm like Jason Kidd..a veteran in the game now coaching! 

Letting some know the sport is complex!! I'm moving forward..please!! life is a marathon..but referees said I was encroaching! 

Please!! the devil knew I was approaching that point! where I can get free and stay free! 

What can a devil say to me? will they try to bully me like Chris Christie tried to do Carl Lewis?  please!! I already knew this!! there's no justice and no peace! 

...like chants heard at a Rev. Al Sharpton rally back in the day;  the system will try to foul me or you!! we can't be at ease! 

The sport is complex!! you know these earthlings have more beef than Rally's or Checker's! 

Actually...it depends on your jurisdiction; while West Coasting  in Oakland it was Jack In The Box!! meanwhile..worldwide?  O-Dog rocks while  O-Zone lets you know haters don't respect us! 

The sport is complex cousin!! so govern yourself accordingly! 

Word from the old school Baptist preacher that was trying to reach ya!!  telling you where the border or boundary will be!

Like the polar vortex...were we cold when we came back with this?  funky is how the sound will be...check out the by-product from chilling in the lab..

The cerebral cortex  is uploaded..bold with it...similar to an ATL smash and grab...

The sport is complex ..was the Plan Z mode used by white vans I saw rolling on I-20?  soon backing up into convenience stores around the metro area? 

Or maybe the Wolfchase Mall in Memphis..similar to the caper in the ATL at Lenox ...now check out the mass hysteria..


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