Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Questions Answer Themselves PT.3 ..So I'll Be Chilling

So what's up? like Congress helping Obama per the State Of The Union I can see they weren't checking for me.. cool!!  I'll be chilling out! 

Questions answer themselves!! damn!!  was I misunderstood / underestimated?  like John McCain in Arizona was I the one they're ruling out? 

Dancers dance with themselves at the disco inferno..nobody was choosing per Willie Hutch! 

Check the circumstances;  a mechanic is needed..student drivers kept shifting gears...now they burned out the clutch...

Check the circumstances;  God is shifting the atmosphere..now as some go there they wanna look for O-Zone!! will he come through in the clutch? 

Check the circumstances; odd ones bring the drama in the ongoing spiritual warfare..like Mohamed Morsy danger zone rulers thought they had the right touch..

Check the circumstances;  like Americans and the future..being built or torn down?  they're debatable!! some reflect on that while they pass the dutchie to the left hand side! 

Check the circumstances;  some dive in the deep waters with sharks and piranhas..but there's no where to run or ride! 

We took chances while nobody was checking for us;  now we slide through the portal! 

Wishing things were simple but they're complex...knowing that's how the sport will go!

Is this world cold? please!  questions answer themselves after the polar vortex comes through! 

Plus the drama will unfurl from Syria to the Winter Olympics in Russia..please!! I even felt the pressure!! so I'm  acting like I knew!


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