Thursday, January 23, 2014

Life Is A Marathon / We Kept On Running PT. 4

They had us coming and going but I kept on running!! please!!  life is a marathon! 

The reign began with drizzle;  damn!! now the floodgates are open! 

Whatcha knowing?  I was trying to take it to the bridge per James Brown but lanes were closed! 

...Per Chris Christie and his crew!  but I already knew!  the devil was opposed! 

This good word is composed while O-Dizzle kept funky drumming! 

Life is a heard?  so these brothas kept on running!

The toil and strife? it's on..the sport is what's next?  jobs are even killing people!! 

The toil and strife? it's's a cold world per the polar vortex; now some are chilling under the church steeple...

Soon seeing what it do...churches are too corporate? ..seeing how the sport can some are like Snowden looking for a plea deal..

Life is a marathon..but I see what some are going through..getting open like Justin Bieber...soon looking for a plea deal..

We kept on running looking for whats real...out here avoiding personality and signature drones..

O-Dizzle kept on drumming...that's the deal...check the Sonic Assault...attacking the cult of personality...a faker forged the signature of other clones.


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