Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Sport Is Complex PT.3 But We'll Maintain

Checking the clock when I wrote this; what's the deal? one moment it had 11:11 time I looked?  it was 1:11 pm! 

The next one to rock?  O-Dizzle found a portal to slide through!! like back in the day in the Las Vegas style crap game in Victory Park up in Louisville..rolling 7 and 11! 

But I know the dizzle!!  knowing how the sport will do!! please!!  it'll get complex! 

Plans fizzle;  now like thousands stranded in the south due to the ice storm we'll be swimming in a sea of negativity with others
..that'll  have issues they'll project! 

Plans fizzle; thugs include a caste of thousands..I'm gonna need you to  protect ya neck per Wu Tang Clan!!  the sea of tranquility was full of sharks and piranhas! 

There's no where to run or hide..from Pluto to Mars to Louisville / Newburg...whats up man? everybody will deal with the dramas.

As we slide through..we checked the State of The Union...we plan to exercise power like Obama...ignoring those fools in Congress..

As we ride through the ATL ...sliding on the ice from the storm!! we realize life is a we hit up the old and new schools when we come with this... 

We prevail during the madness..of course we brought the drum with this as we get discovering a new type of stem cell..

We prevail...understanding the catch justice no peace  
..... like Public Enemy we didn't believe the was a recipe for us to fail...

Then jokers will run and tell it...then they'll censure you like John McCain...

Broken beats and English spell it Kobe Bryant some are injured due to the sport being complex..but we'll maintain...



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