Sunday, January 26, 2014

The I-20 Chronicles / What It Do and What It Does!!

Once again its on!!  I'm peeping game..scanning the perimeter! 

Rolling down I-20 in was a cold day!! actually it's a cold world due to the polar vortex...but I was soon chilling at the mall ...either Lenox or Perimeter! 

The sport is the Mall In Columbia  jokers will shoot it up!! some say its all about the money!! but I moved on..I'm over

 I'm letting the hustlers hustle and the players play!! I'm trying not to get caught up..I'm using this breakbeat science to get over with! 

Not faking it!! no Church of Scientology type moves like celebrities...but I'm binging and purging like they do! 

Mentally not physically..check the clearance rack epiphanies..I'm breaking it down like this after soaking up game!!  its off the hinges!! but I'm not merging with the apparatus..I don't like how they do! 

Merging on to I-85 north in Atlanta.... that's the status!! rolling out in the hooptie...I was mall hopping! 

Working it all out!! you'll find me where the truth will be..soon transmitting live!!  dropping these breakbeat scientific principles for those spiritual mall shopping! 

Its all the way live like Lakeside!! after I slide off?  jokers were like why y'all stopping? that was the question from inquiring minds! 

We see how the fake ride!! it's like in Dekalb County ..the proposed City of Lakeside..seceding from the union? I see how they're doing!! now were dropping science on it!! but it  might be blowing their minds! 

We peeped behind the blinds / the curtains;  saw whats going down!!  we wanted no part of it! 

Others sleep through class / waiting in the dark; soon caught up in the system / matrix...the heart of it!

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