Friday, January 24, 2014

Flexible / Multi-Dimensional

 Like a plea bargain deal for Edward Snowden dude said you have to stay flexible!  so you won't get bent out of shape! 

Old dude at the Checker Cab stand? he got open!! a shrewd and clever one!! he said you had to take the bitter with the sweet!!  there was no escape!

 Attitude affected the altitude? true dat!! I thought you knew dat!! but some are anointed that are unworthy..drag racing in Miami like Justin Bieber..I can see what it do...even when dealing with technical difficulties! 

I was called rude arrogant and Bashar al-Assad but I kept it moving!! showing my flexibility! 

Good things happen!! the mothership?  I was strapped in!! please!!  I expected turbulence!

 Hood thing when I do this!! but some aren't checking for  this..they're unable to work with this!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Flexible / Multi-Dimensional

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