Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Full Moon Madness / January Capricorn-Cancer Edition

Once again its on!! its like me and dude were discussing
..."something just ain't right"

... That's word from Keith Sweat!! please!! we were dealing with the polar vortex now it's the Alberta Clipper!! but you might see me break out in a Cold Sweat per James Brown   as haters put their games down!! "they ain't right" 

....blaming it on the full moon madness?  somebody said we can't fight the feeling!

 Blaming it on a fool who had this?  like Chris Christie? or in Georgia some were like Nathan Shady Dealing! 

No health care?  no healing!!  please!! in Georgia? the poor will get thrown under the bus! 

Stealth when we go there!!  its the real thing / authentic when we kick it!! strategies for dealing with the full moon madness! 

...currently on the Capricorn / Cancer axis!! it's setting off the Uranus Pluto Square! 

The devil dancer was at the disco inferno!! what did they learn..yo? they're affected by the Venus Mars Square! 

Next level dramatics occur!!  but I didn't concur!! too cool for all that!!  I kept those squares out of my circle! 

Next level mathematics are dropped!!  like the Isleys I had work to do! 

Next level fanatics will try to work you!!  they think they have the Green Light like John Legend! 

Energized by the full moon? jokers were acting a fool real soon!! 
recognized as an urban legend?

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