Monday, January 20, 2014

The I-20 Chronicles / Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Edition / Once Again

Once again its on!! I'm chilling out...a Louisville / Newburg dude down here in Atlanta...dropping these I-20 Chronicles! 

Its the Martin Luther King Holiday Weekend...commemorative services are held over at Ebenezer Baptist Church over on Auburn Ave...broadcast live on MyFox Atlanta...whats the response to these and those? 

Please!! no championships are won like Auburn..the devil and his advocates will oppose!! you should already know how they do! 

The saga / struggle continues!! its rough out here!! but you
should already know what it do! 

Reality will give you a Volograd suicide bombers warning Putin about the Winter Olympics...check out the dynamics  as you try to do what you do! 

Like yesterday...some are disputing the truth after being stuck behind Sunday drivers;  was that the preacher in the Cadillac Escalade holding up traffic over on Candler Rd in Decatur?  I thought you knew!

The best way to play this? O-Zone is providing proof.."thats whats up"  with this!!...transmitting live ...trying to reach a fanatic that was talking junk like Richard Sherman vs Michael Crabtree..

Soon facing Peyton Manning...whose acting arrogant and aloof? ..meanwhile we kept working...dropping these mathematics..after chilling out in the lab we get free..

Praying for those lacking Omaha announced by Peyton Manning we had our own code...check out how we break it down...

Understanding that everybody won't be able to grasp the shorty over in Decatur wondering why I kept up with world events..they didn't know everybody is affected when things go down..

Landing the mothership on earth were citizens are unstable...please!! MLK's letter from the Birmingham jail spelled it out..

Understanding..a brotha gets scientific...whats it all worth? how will we it working man? as I reflect..contemplating while dipping down I-20 in the hooptie I sailed out..but I didn't sell out!!



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