Sunday, January 19, 2014

Questions Answer Themselves PT. 2

Please!!  its hard to see in the smoke and mirrors!!  plus some were too cool!! they were acting like they were at the SAG awards on the red carpet rocking Gucci shades! 

A fresh view / fresh vision was needed!!  like Madonna running off at the mouth..who can see through the ongoing charades?

Intergalactic escapades exposed me to drama from Pluto to Mars and all the way down south or to the Midwest..back to Louisville / Newburg! 

Mathematics were studied along with the science;  secret knowledge was revealed from the ATL to Johannesburg! 

From Oakland to Charlotte / Mecklenburg I was urged to merge with the apparatus..but I'll be I had too many questions! 

My mind was open though; like that giant trench under the Antarctic...who started it?  I noticed questions answered themselves;  damn!!  why was I stressing? 

God was blessing us even when we didn't deserve it!

Some blessings were for us only; what He had for me was for me.. per the Miami Mass Choir..we have our own paths! this math is what I swerve with! 

The scene?  I observed like the Miami Heat  I'm ready to roll!! damn!!  the answers were in front of me all I had to do was look up! 

The funk?  O-Dizzle worked with it!! now the dancers are in front of me!!  plus to the back and to the sides after the sound is
hooked up! 

Whats the dizzle?  small time crooks were booked up in correctional facilities while the big time rainmakers got away!

 The reign began with a drizzle!! questions answer themselves though!!  but for some the smoke and mirrors got in the way!



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