Sunday, June 14, 2015

Lab Techniques PT. 2 (Taking Care Of Business)

The technique was sweated when Eric B and Rakim told them not to do it!!  when I entered attack zones ear shattering gunshots exploded!!! I was fired on..

Information was leaked like Edward Snowden was around!! now my outpost was attacked!! glitches in the matrix? Diplomatic Immunity revoked? there was a Full Moon in Sagittarius  on 06/02/2015;  was that the date it expired on?

The Empire is on it!! who's getting open?  witches and warlocks caste spells!!! thought and fashion police are going through spells, nefarious ones cause chaos and mayhem!! authorities say pardon the technical difficulties, hopefully everything is up and running soon..

The umpire was on it!! I was called out on strikes!! on these Sundays?  angels and demons have the showdown at The Chapparal, at high noon...

Staying strong during the negative onslaught;  I'm enhancing lab techniques!! as we go into attack zones, we're bringing Sonic Retribution...

Once Again It's On!! It's The Sonic Assault!! breakbeat science is dropped on this and that institution..

Karmic retribution for the hell that's caught!! but this is not to be confused with the attack on the Dallas Police Headquarters!!

 We're on another level when we deal with another devil!! some are questioning Rachel Dolezal types; who's for or against us?

I wasn't given clearance by those with pitchforks and shovels because I didn't believe the hypes!!  they  said I was aloof and arrogant during the interaction..

Please!! clearance rack epiphanies are formulated while dipping down I-20 in Atlanta!! soon I was on county backroads coming to pitchforks in the road!! I knew what it do!!  I'm taking care of business, enhancing these lab techniques!! these devil's advocates were coming with the distraction...

Taking care of business, enhancing lab techniques!!  soon I'm back in the action showing respect to the opposition like Bill Clinton did to Republicans attacking his wife...

Breakbeat science is what this brotha freaks!! I'm sticking to the original plan, a bigger one!! this brotha is getting on with his life!!

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