Friday, June 26, 2015

Life Goes On / We'll Keep Running This Marathon PT.2

We're dipping down I-20 in Atlanta!! soon in Decatur on Glenwood Road where Dekalb Police kept an eye on questionable characters; in love or war who's fair with it? You'll Get Played;

Who'll understand a brotha? ignoring a hater because I've been hood!! but questions get answered as I get breakbeat scientific!!  knowledge sprayed

....Did the knowledge; others played around with it like New York Knicks in the NBA draft while we were  *Observing The Scene*  soon Ready To Roll, I'm On My Way..

Good mileage is gotten on the Mothership!! success? I knew how it would work;  realized that it's on me..

Of course, a brotha gets scientific after being sloppy and dirty with it!! *It'll Be A Bit Messy* please!! Life is like that, but it goes on!! expect turmoil..

Of course,  a fanatic will hustle block like killing tourists in Tunisia, but even though we aren't at ease we anticipate a bumper crop; it's planted in fertile soil..

Life goes on!! we keep running this marathon!! chilling out per Outback Chronicles listening to Night in Tunisia by Dizzy Gillespie...

Life goes on!! we keep running this marathon!! soon naysayers said those cats are Going All Out!! but I keep my guard up; on this earth? I know there's no rest for me!!

The toil and strife goes on; after the next episode? we're heard saying *Once Again It's On* but there's *Spiritual Significance In This Operation*

Fighting Back in this danger zone!!  this is the by-product of when we we're *Caught Up In An Unpleasant Situation*

Mass confusion and frustration are the order of the day;  some will be caught out there like Richard Matt up in New York!! in that road? we'll come to a fork!! but Life Goes On!!! we'll keep running this marathon!!

We kept winning / losing; it got lonely out there, but we kept on running!!


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